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single michael borrowing his bandmates children and taking them to the park because he knows girls love guys with kids but the kids spend the entire day dragging him around the playscape and he gets stuck in a tunnel chasing calum’s son and when the rest of the band finally shows up it’s to the fire department trying to pull michael backwards out of the tunnel while calum’s son cries because he thinks he’s killed uncle michael






the best of Supernatural subtitles


What about







'Demonic whooshing'


I swear, this gif was like made for this post.  (*≧▽≦)ノ

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honestly my favorite thing ive ever made in photoshop is catloaf


my graphic arts teacher hung it on the wall in the ga computer lab


55 things Teddy Lupin didn’t get to experience because he lost his parents

  1. his mum trying to help him control his morphs so he can go out and play with the muggle kids 
  2. his dad lecturing him about his low herbology marks
  3. having to tell his mum he doesn’t want to be an Auror
  4. talking to his dad about becoming a healer
  5. crying into his mums shoulder when he fails two of his exams and gets dumped in the same week
  6. finding his mums record collection
  7. finding his dads record collection
  8. getting slagged off for being the biggest mummy’s boy that ever lived
  9. Mother’s Day
  10. Father’s Day
  11. arguments with his dad on attending concerts and quidditch matches
  12. talking to Harry about walking in on them and how he needs to move in with him because he’s scarred for life
  13. his dad sneaking him a firewhiskey at every family BBQ
  14. having his dad as a DADA teacher
  15. his dad calming him down on his wedding day
  16. his mum talking him through basic history of magic when he’s failing instead of getting a lecture 
  17. his dad marking his height on the kitchen door for like 12 years
  18. slagging his dad off with marauder stories he heard from Harry 
  19. his mums massive album of baby photos and old toys and clothes which he believes is only existent to embarrass him
  20. his mum crying on his first day of school
  21. his dad crying on his last day of school
  22. his mum and dad not understanding how he isnt interested in DADA when both their lives, and Harry’s, are completely surrounded by it
  23. threatening to move in with Harry and Ginny every other week
  24. listening to Marauder stories
  25. coming out as a massive potions nerd to his mum because he knows his dad and Harry barely passed at O.W.L level and she can brew some potions he doubts his teacher would even attempt 
  26. Harry probably lived with them until Ted was two but he still has his own room there while Ted’s growing up and Harry sleepovers are a great time for 5 year old Ted
  27. becoming taller than his mum at 15 and ruffling her hair and telling her she’s so adorable when she’s in the middle of shouting at him
  28. his dads lecture on piercings
  29. getting his coming of age watch from his parents maybe even his dads old one
  30. his mum letting him sleep in their bed whenever he wants
  31. pretending to listen about the greatness that is grindylows whenever his dad goes into one of his dazes of magical creatures
  32. visits to the Auror department like once a week and bragging to his friends about the Minister of Magic letting him call him King when he comes over for tea
  33. not listening to his dads debate on owls being more practical than pygmy puffs and regretting it 
  34. his mums surprisingly great sly advice on dating boys and girls
  35. bringing a cup of tea to his dad after every full moon since he could walk
  36. his dad teaching him how to tie his laces and do up his tie
  37. asking his mum to change her hair to the same colour as his when he can’t morph it any colour than bright green to save him from embarrassment
  38. constant werewolf puns
  39. coming out to his mum and dad and knowing they were [probably over] supportive because neither of them are the definition of straight in the first place
  40. getting his mum make up excuses for him when he doesn’t want to babysit
  41. his mum kissing him with any excuse she gets because he’s her little baby and basically smothers him 24/7
  42. his mum turning up at school in his second year because she found out a couple of kids in his year were giving him a hard time
  43. his dad telling her she’ll only make it worse but two years later he has to be removed from school grounds after he found out someone made a homophobic comment towards Ted
  44. laughing in his dads face when he attempts the talk after he catches him and victoire ‘lurking in a dark ally’
  45. being grateful for supportive hilarious still pulling pranks on each other after all those years together parents
  46. learning to read and write with his dad all day instead of muggle school [which he really wanted to go to] but he doesn’t mind most of the time because his dad makes it fun and they take a lot more breaks than needed
  47. his dad getting him into good nerdy book series he pretends to only read because it pleases him but he nearly pulled out his hair when flourish and blotts were out of the latest book
  48. after rita skeeters article he receives only a picture of his dad with his head in his hands from his mum and on the back it says ‘good job kiddo he’s been like that for half a hour’
  49. his mum kissing his forehead all the time until he has his final growth spirt and she has to switch to the side of his chin but it doesn’t make her kiss him any less
  50. his dad taking him out on Sundays and cheering him up with ice cream instead of Harry because Harry had his own son now and he’s too busy
  51. his mum telling him to turn up his punk music and watching her dance along to it in her pyjamas
  52. learning what happened when his mum became pregnant
  53. his dad taking him up to sit on the roof to explain that it was a mistake and he should never doubt that he loves him
  54. teddy understanding that an accidental baby doesn’t equal an unwanted child
  55. teddy knowing his parents loved him unconditionally

so if anyone wants to write these for me????that’d be chill

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Stanley Lau

Stanley’s work is amazing

‏@NiallOfficial: Haha found this on my phone! From the midnight memories video shoot, it was freezing , think Harry was in the toilet

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does anyone remember Room 317

did anyone FORGET ROOM 317

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Apple of love




There should be a show just called “AU”

every single episode, a group of the same characters are in a different alternate universe with no explanation as to why.


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I was not expecting that.


Sometimes I just get really emotional about the writers of Supernatural. Because they have this eerie consistency sometimes. And it is perf. 

Sam is obviously a Harry Potter fanboy. He always brings it up, he knows the characters. And what is Harry Potter about? A boy with a dead mother who gains tremendous magical power, but has something so evil and dark inside of him that he must fight with the help of his two best friends (one who kind of a jerk, but loyal to the core, and one who is smart and occasionally arrogant). That’s the story Sam seeks out. 

And Dean always gets to make the Lord of the Rings references. He drops it into conversations, he understands the plot. And what is Lord of the Rings about? Two people fighting forces so much greater and more powerful than them, traveling together across vast distances with only their incredible bond and need to save each other keeping them from giving up and dying on their quest. That’s the story Dean needs to hear. 

Sorry, I can’t hear you over how beautiful that is. 

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so im babysitting this girl right now and we’re watching tv and the satellite sort of cut out cause it was raining really hard
so i just said “thunder god if you give back our satellite i’ll give you ice cream”
a second later the thunder clapped again and our tv came back
the girl is forcing me to hold up my end of the deal so guess who’s making ice cream for the thunder god



remember when Louis thrusted so hard his shirt popped open

coz I do